Go Team

Optimising the skills, knowledge and behaviours for you and your team.

Communication and Training Opportunities

Workshops are offered to meet individual/group or organisational need. They can vary in length of time ranging from one off sessions, half or full days, or a session which is ongoing such as a development or supervision group. 

  • Communication skills: Basic and Advanced

  • Setting up and running support/supervision groups.

  • Mindfulness: A workshop intended to develop the skills and practice of meditative mindfulness using the concepts of Gestalt Psychotherapy. This will enhance your health and well-being, enable you to be less stressed and function more effectively on a daily basis.

Study days to support Counselling and Psychotherapy Training: 

1.DSM V and Process Diagnosis in Assessment

2.The Dialogic Relationship


4.Field Theory.



7.Creativity in Therapy and Experiments. 

8.Working with Dreams.

9.Working with Prejudice.

10.Personality Disorder Traits.