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Go Team

Optimising the skills, knowledge and behaviours for you and your team.

Communication, Training and Development Opportunities

Workshops are offered to meet individual/group or organisational need. They can vary in length of time ranging from one off sessions, half or full days, or a session which is ongoing. These can be accessed for personal development privately or as part of Continuing Professional Development in the workplace.

  • Managing change and/or transition

  • Creating a culture of acceptance, inclusion and collaboration.

  • How to use awareness of self and other in getting the best from a team.

  • Communication skills: Basic and Advanced - learning to listen, hear and respond

  • Setting up and running support/supervision groups in your place of work.

  • Identifying, building and maintaining resilience.

  • Mindfulness: A workshop intended to develop the skills and practice of meditative mindfulness 

Communication and Training Opportunities: Service
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